Our Results

We get results and build credit.

Our products and services help people build strong credit scores and use those scores to reach their financial goals.

Where our clients start.

We work with people with good credit, bad credit, and no credit at all. Here’s a quick break down of where our clients are when they start with us:

  • 12% have no credit scores at all
  • 20% have subprime scores
  • 30% have near-prime scores
  • 37% have prime credit scores

Our services are designed to help people in any credit situation and any financial situation. We meet people where they are, and we are guided by the goals they share with us. For some, the goal is to refinance a home, for others, the goal is to avoid eviction or foreclosure. Whatever the issue, our counselors step in with the tools, the know-how, and strategies to help you.

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Credit we’ve helped build.

39% more clients had a prime credit score (over 660) after 18 months—allowing them to access car loans, credit cards, and mortgages at competitive rates of interest, qualify for mortgages, jobs, and quality rental housing.

38% more clients had one or more credit cards with at least $1,000 in available credit. That means they’re more able to weather financial emergencies without having to borrow at predatory rates.

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Rebuilding a prime score after falling $10,000 in debt.

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More valuable than money

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Working Credit taught me how to fight back.

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From no credit to a 686 prime score and 0.6% rate car loan.

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