The Team

We're here to help you master the rules of credit.

Meet the team of credit and financial experts behind Working Credit.

Board Members

Headshot of Jackie Scott

Jacqueline Scott President

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago
Headshot of Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas Vice President

Financial Wellness and Time Off Policies Manager, United Airlines

Kim Allman

Senior Director of Community Impact and Investment, Capital One
Headshot of Kant

Kant Desai

Principal, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund

Gary Kash

President and Founder of Insights in Marketing of Northbrook, IL
Headshot of Ricki

Ricki Lowitz

Co-CEO, Working Credit NFP

Ellen Meade

Economist, Federal Reserve Board Senior Adviser (Retired)

George Wright

Director, Citi Community Relations
Headshot of Toby Herr

Toby Herr Emeritus Director

Founder of Project Match, Erikson Institute