For Partners

Good credit supports financially resilient employees and clients.

Since 2015, Working Credit has provided credit building workshops and one-on-one counseling and coaching to people in need through multiple systems. In addition to employers, we partner with institutions of higher learning, small business and workforce development programs, municipal governments, the criminal justice system, public and affordable housing agencies, utility companies, and more.

Add us as part of your benefits package or program offerings.

Adding our services to your benefits or program offerings not only supports the financial health and wellbeing of your constituents, it enhances your institutional outcomes. Whether that’s increasing your employees’ retirement account uptake or helping your clients access the affordable capital needed to grow a small business, learn how we can support you.

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Leverage our subject matter expertise.

While many financial education programs exist, few if any have the capacity, expertise or specific mandate that Working Credit has to offer comprehensive and personalized credit building education, counseling and coaching. By bringing us into the mix, you can focus on what you do best, and together we can have greater collective impact.

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Embed us as a program component or as part of a regularly scheduled training offering.

By seamlessly embedding our credit building workshop, counseling and coaching into your already existing program or regularly scheduled training offerings, we become a reliable, additive resource that leads to greater participant-level impact and enhances your goals.

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Offer us as a standalone benefit or program.

Whether you include us as part of your voluntary employee benefits package, or require or incentivize participants in your program to engage with our services, we’ll provide a robust, private landing page–co-branded with you–for your constituents to register for credit building workshops and enroll in one-on-one counseling and coaching.

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Recommend us through our Referral Platform.

Refer employees or clients individually or in batches to us through our online Referral Platform, which automatically sends out an email and text message to that individual that you have recommended them to our program. As the referring partner, you get real-time messaging confirming receipt of the referral(s), and have on-demand access to information about the status of the enrollment in our program of the individuals you referred.