Our Approach

Making credit building work for partners and participants.

As we have expanded our capacity to reach people in different contexts, our relational model is evidence-based, nimble, and scalable. We have developed a robust backend platform that allows us to engage with partners and participants at multiple levels.

We build more than credit.

While we explore partnerships with a variety of entities, below are some examples of benefits we see when working with partners in strategic areas of interest:

woman at her work desk talking on her cell phone

Benefits of building credit in the employer context.

  • Increased participation in 401(k)/403(b) plans and fewer loans and hardship withdrawals
  • Fewer wage garnishments
  • More focused employees
  • More employees who can withstand a financial emergency
a couple moving boxes

Benefits of building credit in the housing context.

For Renters:

  • More households able to secure rental housing of their choice
  • Increased number of on-time rental payments
  • Decreases in eviction rates

For Homeowners:

  • Increased number of affordable mortgages secured
  • More homeowners able to sustain the costs of homeownership
  • Fewer foreclosures
man and woman working on a laptop

Benefits of building credit in the small business development context.

  • Increased access to affordable capital to start or grow a small business
  • Improved ability to secure necessary supplies and manage vendors
  • Ability to withstand cash flow fluctuations
college student holding binder and holders

Benefits of building credit in the post-secondary context.

  • Increases in the number of students continuing their education from Associate’s to Bachelor’s degrees and Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees
  • Increases in certificate/degree completion rates
  • Decreases in time needed to complete certificates/degrees
man on the side of the road looking under the hood of his car

Benefits of building credit in the criminal justice context.

  • Increased ability to access reliable transportation post-release
  • Increased ability to access stable rental housing
  • Increased ability to repay court-imposed fees and fines
  • Decreases in recidivism rates
Case Study

After 18 months, 71% of employees in the program improved their credit scores.

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Case Study

The number of employees with prime credit scores (660 or higher) has almost tripled.

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