Credit Building Workshop

Introduce the basics of building credit.

A powerful workshop that gives your employees knowledge and skills they’ll use for life.

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Create credit building knowledge and know-how.

Set up an in-person or virtual workshop for your employees that explains how the credit system works. In 45 minutes, Working Credit debunks myths about the credit system and shares rules they can use for a lifetime to establish strong scores and build long-term financial health and resiliency.

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Breaking down the basics together.

Our workshops walk through the rules of credit building—which are rarely covered in financial literacy programs. We’ll show how, with good credit, opportunities knock. Strong credit scores mean employees can get better rates when they need to borrow (freeing up money to contribute to your 401(k) and 403(b) plans), access quality rental housing, and realize the opportunity for homeownership. Give them knowledge they can use for life.

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We don’t just support your employees. We support you, too.

Offering the Credit Building Workshop can be a great first step in helping your employees achieve their financial goals. So, to make sure you succeed, we are here to help. We offer:

  • Employer marketing toolkit
  • Detailed implementation package
  • Enrollment process flow
  • A custom microsite
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Building up from subprime.

Working Credit presented a workshop to the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership about the importance of having more than store credit cards. When CEO Ricki Lowitz said, “If your car breaks down, Victoria’s Secret isn’t going to come and save you!” Wendy saw an opportunity to start thriving with the help of credit.

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