Credit Building Workshop

Start your journey with a credit building workshop.

Our signature workshop gives you knowledge and skills you’ll use for life.

Create credit building knowledge and know-how.

Learn about how credit works and the rules to establish a strong credit score and build long-term financial health. In this 45-minute workshop, we’ll show you the difference that good credit can make in your life.

woman wearing white headphones and writing in a notebook

Breaking down the basics together.

Our workshop provides you with information about:

–baseline information on the credit scoring system, including the high cost of having poor or no credit,

–the fundamental rules of credit scoring,

–simple and straightforward strategies to establish and/or build a strong score,

–the impacts of structural racism on access to credit in communities of color, and

–scams to avoid paying for, like credit repair and debt settlement.

credit counseling session

How can you register for a workshop?

If you learned about Working Credit from your employer, your school, or a nonprofit you are working with, you likely have access to our workshops already. Contact your employer, school, or organization that you heard about us from, or email to find out how to register for a workshop. Email us at if you are not affiliated with any of our current partners, but are interested in attending a workshop.