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Good credit is a critical gateway to economic opportunity.

With a prime credit score, the average household could save $2000 a year on interest rates and fees on loans and credit cards, cell phone financing options, and car and homeowner’s insurance premiums. This is more than three times the $400 that 40% of Americans say they couldn’t afford in cash if they had an emergency today. Good credit is also key to rental housing options, some employment opportunities, and is a prerequisite for accessing the affordable capital necessary to build wealth by purchasing a home or starting and growing a business.

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The demand for our services has been increasing rapidly over the last two years, as more people rely on credit to get by due to the combination of inflationary prices and the end of Pandemic-era stimulus payments and negative credit reporting moratoria. Across the country, late payments are up, credit card utilization ratios are up, and lenders are tightening their underwriting. Follow us on social media to learn how we are meeting the moment.

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