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Understanding the credit system.

Our goal is to give people the knowledge and tools they need to reach their financial goals. Read up on the credit system, learn why credit building is so important, and then start their credit building journey with us.

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Credit score basics.

Find out what a credit score is, how it’s determined, and what it means.

Get the basics
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The power of credit building.

See what credit building is, what it can mean for you, and how Working Credit can help people build a strong credit score.

Understand the power
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The cost of bad credit.

Did you know that having poor credit can cost thousands of dollars a year? Find out why, what ends up costing so much, and who it affects the most.

See the costs
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Myths and facts about credit.

See the common myths about credit busted and get the facts that you need to build strong credit.

Bust the myths
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Credit building tools.

Learn about the tools that Working Credit uses to help you build and sustain a strong credit score.

Learn about the tools
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What you should know about debt settlement.

Get the lowdown on debt settlement—what it is, why it doesn’t really work, and what you should know about the process.

Learn about debt settlement
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The truth about credit repair.

See how credit repair actually works—the loophole that companies exploit, what really happens to your credit score, and what you need to know about improving your credit.

Learn about credit repair