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Establishing and Building Credit is Possible for Everyone

With the know-how, one-on-one support, and the right tools, you can change your financial situation. Whether it’s lowering your interest rates, reducing debt, getting an apartment, or purchasing a home, we can help.

Credit Building is a Powerful Strategy for Getting and Staying Ahead in Today's Economy

Credit affects so many aspects of our lives—where we live, what we drive, how we overcome a financial crisis. Working Credit was created to help people build a strong credit score and take advantage of the benefits. Read more about the power of credit building.

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Credit Building Education

Credit can seem murky and mysterious, but it’s a system that can benefit you once you know the rules. Working Credit offers a signature virtual and in-person 45-minute workshop that provides key information about the credit scoring system, including the high cost of having poor or no credit, the effects of structural racism on access to credit among people of color, the fundamental rules of credit scoring, simple and straightforward strategies to establish and/or build a strong score, and scams to avoid like for-profit credit repair.

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12 Months of Credit Building Counseling and Coaching

Working Credit’s personalized, credit building counseling starts with a 60-minute, in-depth and confidential session during which Working Credit counselors and participants:

–Identify participants’ unique goals;

–Complete a baseline financial profile that encompasses a personal/household budget

–Review a soft inquiry* version of the participant’s credit report and identify barriers and solutions for improving their situation based on their goals and budgets; and

–Develop a personalized Credit Action Plan that serves as a detailed roadmap.

Every financial situation is different. Every action plan is different. Our expert credit building counselors are here to find out where participants want to go and help them create a plan to get there over the course of 12 months of unlimited one-on-one support. With Credit Building Counseling, we’ll help you achieve your financial goals, even if they change along the way.

*soft inquiry credit reports do not impact credit scores

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