Outcomes and Metrics

Chef smallerMake Credit Work for You  is a new idea with a BIG payoff for workers and employers. How do we know this? We track tangible results.

What happens when Working Credit comes to the work place to talk to employees about how to build and maintain good credit?

63% opt to sign up for a one-on-one appointment with a credit building counselor.

When employees work one-on-one with a credit building counselor for eighteen months, what happens to their financial health?

67% improve their credit score.

41% more employees have a prime credit score (over 660) - allowing them to access competitive rates of interest.

39% more employees have one or more credit cards with at least $1,000 in available credit - so they can weather financial emergencies without having to borrow from payday or auto title lenders.

25% more employees enrolled in an automatic savings product - allowing them to establish a practice of regular savings, both for emergencies and for retirement.

What happens when employees use our CW-3 credit building product?

83% complete the product, improve their credit score, and save $300 in one year.


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