Make Credit Work for You


Make Credit Work for You is an 18-month comprehensive financial wellness program that helps employees build and sustain strong credit scores, so they can reduce or eliminate expenses due to poor or no credit. The Program offers workshops on the credit system, as well as one-on-one counseling and coaching services–all aimed at helping employees understand and master the credit scoring system. Employers can bring Make Credit Work for You to the work place in the same way they provide health insurance or an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Like those benefits, Make Credit Work for You can be a help to any employee, regardless of position or salary.

Credit-Building Workshop

The program starts with a credit-building workshop for all eligible workers, designed to establish a foundation of knowledge about the ins and out of the credit-scoring system and how credit impacts a family’s finances. At the end of the workshop, we encourage employees to attend a one-on-one meeting with a Working Credit counselor, the next step in the process. To date, 63% of all workshop participant have asked for this service.

Ongoing Personalized Coaching

At the first one-on-one meeting, the counselor helps the employee put together a personalized budget and then reviews the employee’s credit report and score. Based on that information, the counselor frames out an individualized Credit Action Plan designed to help the employee increase his or her credit score and improve the overall credit profile. The first meeting is usually at the work site, and subsequently the counselor and employee generally communicate by phone, text, or email.

Our counselors have all been trained as coaches, and we offer coaching services to all employees as part of Make Credit Work for You. To date, two-thirds of all employees have asked for and are receiving this service. With coaching, the counselor supports the employee by holding him or her accountable for taking each step outlined in the Credit Action Plan, adding encouragement and structure to the credit building process.

CW-3 Credit-Building Product

For many employees, our counselors will recommend use of Working Credit's CW-3 credit building product as part of the Credit Action Plan. Read more here about how CW-3 deploys three mainstream financial products to build a better credit profile and help employees save money.

Credit Check Every Six Months for 18 Months

Working Credit counselors pull a new credit report and score for employees every six months for eighteen months. Counselors then share this information with employees, lifting up successes in credit building and reinforcing lessons about the credit system.

Targeted Consumer Education

As soon as an employee reaches a threshold credit score (usually 660), a Working Credit counselor reaches out to the participant with relevant consumer information. For example, an employee who’s been paying inflated car insurance premiums because of poor credit will be prompted by the counselor to negotiate a lower premium as soon as the score gets above 660. The counselor will also send information about what rates and terms to expect, given the new score.


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