Working Credit Incentive Policy

Zelle and Amazon

  • I understand that in order to receive my incentive I must share an accurate and active email address or mobile phone number (that can receive SMS) with Working Credit. 
  • I understand that if I would like to send my incentive to another person (e.g. family member or friend) that I must provide their name and an accurate and active phone number or email address for them. 
    • Additionally I understand that Working Credit will not disclose any information regarding myself, my participation in the program, or the incentive – including the status of the incentive – with the other party, even if I grant permission to do so. 

For those receiving their incentive payment via Zelle:

  • I understand that once the payment has been sent, Working Credit can not recall or make any changes to the payment or payee. For any issues receiving or accessing my Zelle payment I will need to contact my bank or financial institution.

For those receiving their incentive payment via Amazon gift card:

  • I understand that I must have an active email address in order to receive the payment.
  • I understand that I can request the gift card be resent as long as the status in Amazon indicates the incentive was “Sent” and not “Received”.

Please note that there is NO option to receive the incentive by mail, in-person, or via check, cash, physical gift card or other physical form of payment. No exceptions will be allowed.