Credit Building Counseling

12 months of unlimited access to a credit expert.

One-on-one support for your employees’ financial journeys.

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Help your employees establis or build their credit scores.

Your employees can work one-on-one with one of our counselors to establish, improve, and maintain a strong credit score, and build long-term financial health. Over the course of the 12 months, our expert credit building counselors provide as much support as your employees want and need to accomplish their financial goals.

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A new benefit to help your employees reach their financial goals.

In the first session, we teach your employees the basics of credit building, take an in-depth look at their current financial situation and goals, and then work together to create a detailed and personalized roadmap to their financial goals—a Credit Action Plan. Over the next 12 months, we work with your employees to track their progress, and provide ongoing credit building guidance.

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We’re here to support employees, that’s it.

Our counselors aren’t selling products, and they don’t work on commission. They partner with your employees to help them overcome the barriers to good credit with knowledge, support, and strategies that are proven to work. Your employees aren’t simply handing over their issues to us. We work together with them to address their specific issues head on, and give them the tools they need to build the financial future they want.

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