Personal Credit Check-up

Expert credit analysis in a simple report.

We offer personalized, written analysis of your employees’ existing credit and the rules of credit building—all in a simple, easy-to-read report. No meeting required.

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Personalized recommendations from a credit expert.

With better credit, your employees can keep more of what they earn. And if they’re looking for guidance on their financial standing and goals without speaking to a counselor, the Personal Credit Check-up might be for them. It’s a personalized, secure expert analysis of their credit report based on the rules of credit building.

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Not an app, not an algorithm. Credit help from an expert.

With a Personal Credit Check-up, employees get a personalized explanation of what’s impacting their credit score. This 2-3 page report provides expert guidance with immediate steps they can take to build a strong credit score based on the rules of credit. Expert recommendations, no meeting required.

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