One-on-one Credit Building Session

A session with a credit building expert.

An opportunity to learn the basics of credit on-on-one, assess where employees are and want to be, and create a Credit Action Plan for the future.

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Give your employees a plan for their future.

Offer the opportunity to work one-one-one with a credit building expert. They can learn the rules of credit building and conduct a complete review of their specific financial situation, with a look toward the future. All in one virtual session.

woman working on her laptop while holding a credit card

A personalized assessment and plan.

Our counselor pulls a penalty-free FICO credit score report for your employees and create a financial profile for them. They walk them through what’s going on and work with them to get to the bottom of any issues they’re facing. And we’ll look at the report with the opportunity to ask questions and confirm accuracy. We end the session by working together to come up with a Credit Action Plan—a detailed roadmap that leads to your employees’ personal financial goals.

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