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Credit building—the missing piece in your employee benefits.

Workshops and 12-months of counseling. This is how we help your employees build credit and take control of their future.

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Personal credit support for your employees.

Round out your benefits package with credit building. Give your employees access to a workshop, a written credit analysis, one-on-one support for a year, or any combination of benefits that your organization wants to provide.

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Start their journey with a Credit Building Workshop.

Set up a workshop that debunks myths about how credit works and shares rules employees can use to establish a strong score and build long-term financial health. In this one-time session, we’ll show the difference that good credit can make in your employees’ lives.

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12 months of support with Credit Building Counseling.

With Credit Building Counseling, your employees work one-on-one with an expert credit building counselor to establish, improve, or maintain a strong credit score. Starting with a one-on-one virtual session, employees learn the ins and outs of the credit system, discuss their personal financial situation, and collaborate on a detailed Credit Action Plan—a detailed roadmap that leads to their personal financial goals. Over the next year, they work side-by-side with their counselor to execute the plan and build their long-term financial future.

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Case Study

The number of employees with prime credit scores (660 or higher) has almost tripled.

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Case Study

After 18 months, 71% of employees in the program improved their credit scores.

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