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Working Credit is a non-profit founded with a simple idea in mind: You don’t need to be wealthy to access good credit, or low rates of interest, you only need to know the rules.

Poor Credit depletes the wages of 36 percent of U. S. workers. These are workers who have either no credit score at all or a score below 600 and pay more for everything from auto loans, at rates of over 20 percent, to household items at rent-to-own stores that quadruple market prices. When inevitable emergencies arise—such as a car breaking down or a furnace needing to be replaced—they have little to no safety net.  Many miss hours or days of work, trying to keep a small problem from spinning out of control.  Working Credit partners with employers to help employees take control of their financial lives and begin to save.

We Are a Turnkey Program.

Employers schedule a meeting for their employees at the workplace and we do the rest. Once our workshop begins, employees see quickly what an enormous impact their credit score has on their financial and emotional lives. After the initial meeting, interested employees sign up for one-on-one credit building assistance lasting up to eighteen months. For those with no credit score at all, or a low score based on limited credit information, we offer a secured loan/savings product, CW-3, that can produce a tangible and sustainable increase in credit score within six months.

We help your workers
Get the most out of their paychecks
Recover more quickly from financial emergencies
Build household financial strength
Reduce financial stress

We help you—
Retain good staff
Reduce lateness and absenteeism
Be known as a caring employer
Increase participation in 401K/403B plans

We use tangible metrics to measure success

63% of employees who attend our workshop sign up for one-on-one counseling

67% of employees who receive counseling improve their scores within 18  months

41% more employees have a prime score (660 or above) after eighteen months, allowing them to access competitive rates of interest and begin to save

39% more employees have a credit card with at least $1,000 available after eighteen months –allowing them to save

25% more employees have enrolled in an automatic savings product –allowing them to establish a practice of regular savings, both for emergencies and for retirement.

83% of employees who open CW-3 complete the product, build credit, and save $300 in one year



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