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Recent article on how employees can boost their credit score

Working Credit was featured in a recent article discussing three ways employees can boost their credit score.  “While it may feel like an enormous task to get your score to budge, it’s really not that difficult if you know which steps to take.”  Read the full article here.
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Michele Weldon Article Features Working Credit Co-Founders

"In this country, 46 percent of adults living in low-income neighborhoods do not have a FICO credit score, and an additional 38 percent of Americans have poor credit.  With the help from Working Credit, within six months, someone could achieve a better credit score and reap the benefits associated with good credit - home ownership,…
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FoodService Director Magazine Highlights Working Credit

FoodService Director Magazine highlights the effectiveness of Working Credit's benefit in improving the financial wellness of Harvard University's Dining Service workers.  View the complete article, "3 Ways Food Service Operators Can Promote Financial Wellness."  
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New RCT Study of Working Credit Shows Positive Results

New data from Alicia Sasser Modestino at Northeastern University’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy shows just how effective Working Credit’s financial wellness program is at helping participants quickly and dramatically raise their credit scores. As a result of Working Credit’s combination of education, credit wellness counseling, and data-informed feedback (and for some, use…
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Jonathan Wishnick, owner of the Chicago franchise of Senior Helpers, cares a lot about his employees. He’s aware of the emotional and physical challenges they face in providing care for the frail elderly—including patients with dementia, and victims of strokes or serious illness—for up to twelve hours a day. “Our workforce is wonderful, but the…
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An Added Benefit of Credit Building: the Savings Habit

By: Ricki Lowitz and Sharon Pomerantz It’s no secret that Americans have trouble saving money. According to last year’s Federal Reserve Report, almost 50% of U.S. households can’t cover an emergency expense of $400. These people live on the financial edge, in constant fear of a car breaking down, a medical emergency, or a job…
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Chicago Commons Child Care Teacher on the Move

When Ricki Lowitz, founder of Working Credit, presented at Chicago Commons Guadalupano Family Day Care Center on the workings of the credit scoring system, and how to move toward financial stability by building a prime score, employee Lizette Castaneda didn’t need much convincing to sign up for further assistance. “I already had the goal of…
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Working Credit Pilot Expands at Harvard University

“Does anyone know someone who struggled to rent an apartment? To get a car loan under 20%? To get a mortgage?” Working Credit‘s Niki Volz, asked the crowd of Harvard University dining services workers gathered one morning in early 2015 for a semi-annual workplace training. Hands went up in response to her questions—plenty of participants…
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About Working Credit NFP

Working Credit is a non-profit founded with a simple idea in mind: You don’t need to be wealthy to build good credit, you only need to know the rules. Yet over a third of US workers have either no credit score at all or a score below 600, leaving them at the mercy of unscrupulous…
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white-paperWorking Credit applauds Center for Financial Services’ (CFSI) paper on secured credit cards. We rely on secured credit cards as a go-to product for many of our clients.

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